Dr. WOW 貓頭鷹博士/李明道



@Artist: Akibo Lee


@Year: 2016


@Materials: Iron, fiberglass, LED


@Dimensions: 147x147x16O(h) cm

國立臺北大學圖書館外型酷似貓頭鷹,學生暱稱圖書館為貓頭鷹大樓,藝術家以此為靈感創造Dr.WOW 貓頭鷹博士。Dr.WOW用一對大眼睛跟進出圖書館的師生打招呼,以動漫藝術可愛的造型親近觀眾。貓頭鷹博士也象徵學藝智慧,陪伴著國立臺北大學的師生研究學習、成長精進。

The facade of the National Taipei University Library looks like an owl, and the students have nicknamed it the Owl Building, which is the inspiration behind the artistic creation, Dr. WOW. Dr. WOW greets the teachers and the students going in and out of the library with his big eyes, and appeals to the audience with his anime art style and adorable look. Dr. WOW also symbolizes academic knowledge and wisdom, as he accompanies the entire faculty and student body of the National Taipei University through their studies and advancements.

@Maintenance: Office of General Affairs, National Taipei University




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